The Banner of the Provincial Priory of Northumberland

Northumberland Priory Banner

The Banner of the Provincial Priory of Northumberland was designed, commissioned and bought for the Province by the Past Provincial Prior, RE Kt Ewan Dawes.

It takes the form of a gonfalon - that is, a device flown from a horizontal bar, itself then supported by a vertical upright. The upper part shows the Arms of the County, with the name "Northumberland" in medieval script above it.

Three oblong panels are suspended from the lower border - a representation of the Beauceant Standard on the left and the Vexillum Belli Standard on the right.

Centrally there is a panel bearing, from top to bottom, the three crowns of Tynemouth Priory; the "bear and tree" motif of Berwick upon Tweed; the Arms of the County of Durham; the three castles of Newcastle upon Tyne and a trefoil and equilateral triangle (a well known Christian emblem) bearing a patriarchal cross behind which is a Sword and Provincial Prior's baton in saltire.