Very Eminent Knight Canon Henry Baker TRISTRAM, F.R.S., D.D.

1893 - 1906


Born 11th May 1822, Eglingham Vicarage, Alnwick

Educated Durham School and Lincoln College, Oxford

Ordained 1846 but for health reasons (tuberculosis) travelled widely in the Caribbean and Middle East, especially Palestine.

Renowned naturalist specialising in ornithology, he has several bird species named after him. Published several learned books and papers on Middle Eastern flora and fauna.

1873 Canon of Durham Cathedral









Installed as Provincial Prior of Northumberland, Durham and Berwick-on-Tweed on 27th July 1893, at Maple Street, Newcastle by the Great Sub-Prior of England, The Earl of Euston


Died on 8th March 1906 at the age of 83 years