Very Eminent Knight Charles James BANISTER

1878 - 1893







A member of the Royal Kent Encampment, he was the Eminent Commander in 1862 but prior to that had been present at the first ever meeting of Provincial Priory on 11th November 1859, when he was appointed as Provincial Chamberlain.

At the meeting on 10th February 1872, led by William Punshon, Sub-Prior, (owing to the death of Revd Ogle a few months earlier) Banister was promoted to the rank of Provincial Seneschal.

On 10th January 1873, he installed Punshon as Provincial Prior before being himself appointed as Sub-Prior!


Following Punshon's death, he was installed as Provincial Prior by Col. Shadwell Henry Clerke, Great Sub-Prior, on 26th February 1878 at Darlington.


Died on 20th February 1893 at the age of   years.