Northumberland Preceptories: Order of the Temple Toast List

1.   Her Majesty the Queen

2.   The Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master
           PAUL RAYMOND CLEMENT, GCT                                                      (11)

3.   The Very High and Right Eminent Great Seneschal
                 And the Officers of Great Priory, Present and Past                (9)

4.   The Provincial Prior
            Right Eminent Knight RODERICK ALAN HUME, KCT                     (7)

5.   The Provincial Sub-Prior
            Eminent Knight KEVIN PETER STANNARD, P.Gt.Std.B.(B)
                 And the Officers of Provincial Priory, Present and Past         (5)

6.   The Eminent Preceptor (at Installations)                                              (3)

7.   The Installing Preceptor (at Installations)                                             (3)

8.   The newly Installed Knight(s)                                                                   (3)

9.   Our Guests                                                                                                   (3)

10. Our Next Merry Meeting