The Great Priory of Malta 2017

The Great Prior Of Malta
VE Kt Jonathan Charles Whitaker

On Tuesday 21st November, Knights of the Order met at Great Queen Street for the Annual Meeting of the Order of Malta, under the command of the ME & Supreme Grand Master, ME Kt Paul Raymond Clement, GCT.

The Great Priory of Malta was opened by the Great Prior of Malta, VE Kt Jonathan Charles Whitaker. The candidate for the Order, E Kt Lewis Clement (the son of our ME & Supreme Grand Master) had conferred upon him the Degree of Knight of St Paul by the Great Sub Prior of Malta, E Kt Stephen John Warwick and the Great Prelate, VE Kt Revd Malcolm Lane, following which he was installed as a Knight of Malta by the Great Prior of Malta.

Knights from the Provincial Priory of Northumberland were conferred with their Great Malta ranks, and we offer our congratulations to E Kt Bill Bewick, promoted to Past Great 2nd Lieutenant; to E Kt Trevor Narey, appointed to Past Great Baillie; and to E Kts Peter Weightman and Roy Vaughan, appointed to Past Great Turcopolier.

After the meeting, Knights of the Province enjoyed a celebratory meal with our RE Provincial Prior at a local restaurant before their return to Newcastle later that evening.

Kevin Stannard: Sub Prior