The Annual Meeting of the Provincial Priory

took place on Saturday 30th September 2017

at Corbridge Road Masonic Hall

After opening the Chapter of the Provincial Priory of Northumberland, the RE Provincial Prior welcomed our many distinguished guests from far and wide, who were acclaimed by the Knights of our Province. After a requiem on behalf those Knights who had passed away in the preceding year, the RE Provincial Prior went on to appoint and promote the new Provincial Officers with their respective ranks (listed on the new "Provincial Priory Officers" web page)

After proposing that the Alms collected during the meeting should be directed to the St John of Jerusalem Eye Hospital, the Sub Prior recommended an additional measure to further increase the charitable donations from Knights in the Province and gave Notice of Motion that he would formally propose his recommendation at the next meeting of the Provincial Priory. 

In his Address, the RE Provincial Prior thanked the Knights for their support of the Provincial Priory Relief Chest, that now held a healthy balance from surplus Provincial funds, augmented very recently by a very generous donation from the Royal Kent Preceptory No 20. He asked all the Knights, when presented with their own Preceptory accounts, to consider whether the accumulated funds exceeded what was strictly necessary to meet their financial responsibilities and, if excess funds were identified, to consider also gifting them to the Relief Chest for the benefit of charity.

Another endeavour that could help boost our charitable successes would be the improvement of the collection and re-sale, via the Provincial Warden of Regalia, of unwanted, good quality KT regalia that could be passed on at reasonable cost to new Knights of the Order and to newly appointed or promoted Provincial Officers. There is likely to be a wealth of discarded regalia in the bottom of many a Knight's chest of drawers and, rather than allow it to languish unknown and unseen, the RE Provincial Prior asked the Knights to have a good hunt around at home and, on discovering any suitable cast-off items, to consider donating them to the Warden of Regalia for re-sale. Items would be advertised on the Provincial web site for Knights to see.

Finally, the RE Provincial Prior pointed out the newly refurbished and conserved Prior's Banner that had belonged to RE Kt Col. Napier-Clavering, GCT, our Provincial Prior from 1911 until his death in 1931.

A Past Preceptor of the Royal Kent Preceptory, RE Kt Napier-Clavering was also Second Great Constable in 1910 and later the Great Seneschal from 1913 to 1931. Over a similar period of time he was, in addition, the Provincial Grand Master and Grand Superintendent of Northumberland; Provincial Grand Master in the Mark; Intendent General of the Red Cross of Constantine; Inspector General of the Ancient & Accepted Rite; Provincial Grand Master of the Royal Order of Scotland and the Grand High Priest of the Grand College of Knights Templar Priests; and a prominent member of several other masonic Orders.


At the conclusion of the Chapter meeting of Provincial Priory, the Knights and their guests retired to an excellent Banquet.

In his toast to the RE Provincial Prior, the Sub Prior paid tribute to his leadership in the past year, culminating in a presentation that - taking regard of our Prior's tonsorial attributes and his fondness of headgear - seemed to the Knights to be particularly fitting ...... a burgundy baseball cap embroidered with the Provincial coat-of-arms on the front!