DSCF2894 - Copy

St Aidan Preceptory No. 469


Meeting at the Masonic Hall, 3 Gloster Terrace, Amble, NE65 0NL

on the

First Friday in February, May (Installation), September (Malta)

and December (6.45 pm)


          E Kt John Joseph BAMBOROUGH, Prov Prior's Bdgd.; Preceptor

          Kt Alan COULTER; First Constable

          Kt  Paul McKAY, ProvPrior'sBdgd.; Second Constable

          E Kt Selby SNAITH, Prov Prior's Bdgd Reg.;  Registrar

                  8 Riverbank, Warkworth, NE65 0UZ

                     01665 712 638 / 07729 137 486


Consecrated on 24th April 1976.       Membership 21.