Templar Segedunum Preceptory No. 586


Meeting at Masonic Hall, Station Road, Wallsend, NE28 6TA

on the

Third Monday in May (Malta) and June and

First Fifth Weekday (except Wednesday) in January (Installation)

and August (6.30 pm)


               E Kt Patrick John HANNON, PProvReg; Preceptor

               E Kt Malcolm M. THOMSON, PProvA-de-C; First Constable

               Kt John Robert WILSON; Second Constable

               E Kt Dennis Albert FRAZER, PProvAlm; Registrar

                  209 Westbourne Avenue, Newcastle, NE6 4XT

                             0191 263 3887

Consecrated 29th January 1994.  Membership 32.