The new Provincial Priory of Northumberland tie

The RE Provincial Prior has given his approval for the manufacture of a new tie for the Provincial Priory of Northumberland.

The ties will be made of 100% pure silk and the design has been decided as follows:

Base colour is plum; with oblique stripes of black/white/red to reflect the colours of the Templar Order and the Malta Order. Between the stripes, in plum "shadow weave" are alternating Malta crosses and crosses patees. Below the knot, a Northumberland Provincial Priory coat of arms - derived from the jewel of the Sub Prior of Northumberland (see the appropriate page on this web site). The arms are a shield, bisected vertically, with an "agnus dei" overlying a Malta Cross, in turn overlying a Templar Cross on the left side, and the colours of Northumberland on the right, with crossed swords behind.

The picture opposite depicts the new Provincial tie. It has been ordered from the manufacturers and should be available for purchase by the time of the Annual meeting of the Provincial Priory on 30th September.

The likely price of the tie will be about £12 each and all profits from the sale of the ties will be directed into our Provincial Priory Relief Chest, ultimately for the benefit of the St John Eye Hospital in Jerusalem.


In addition to the ties, and depending on demand making it cost effective, we could also have matching silk pocket handkerchiefs and bow ties made up. Sample designs are shown below.

It is also possible to have cuff links and lapel pins made depicting the coat of arms of the Provincial Priory (probably omitting the crossed swords, to make manufacture easier and less costly). Again, the design is shown below, slightly magnified.

It would be very helpful to be able to gauge the likely level of interest in these other items before deciding on the number to order. The Knights of the Province are cordially invited to respond to the "Expression of Interest" letter sent out by email from the Preceptory Registrars, asking you to inform the Sub Prior (preferably by email) of the items you would be interested in and an order will be made with the manufacturer accordingly.

Kevin Stannard: Sub Prior